Friday, April 27, 2007

While waiting for Parker

Yesterday, one of the biggest English wholesalers sent us a message (we received the same message from the biggest Swiss wholesaler in other years) stating: “I am still buying 2005 if you have some available (big brands of course) and for 2006 you can keep them unless they are not really expensive.”

Even if this comment can change when the notes of Parker are released, the market is unfortunately not often sensitive to this type of declaration.

Bordeaux only reacts to offer and demand. If some chateaux reveal their prices and miss their sale, the rest of them will find, I think the right price for their wines, if they have the slightest intension to sell!!

As for famous brands, it is another problem: everybody knows that if a negociant doesn’t buy one year, it will lose its allocation for at least 10 years!

So, as usual, it is a balance of power, nothing romantic, this is the way it is. But a few chateaux were able to keep, for a long time, their cool and sell at a good price. The proof is that stocks in Bordeaux are at their lowest. Fear doesn’t prevent danger but will only know in a couple of weeks how this campaign will go.

As for me, I currently have no idea of the price I should ask for any of the wines I take care of (except maybe for La Dominique), I only hope not to make the bad choice for the breakpoint price.

In the meantime, the notes of the Grand Jury Europeen are posted on Parker’s internet site!

This morning, I am leaving for the Salon Revue du Vin de France.

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