Monday, April 9, 2007

Springtime has arrived

Friday, April 6

Beautiful weather, blooming trees and a multitude of birds living in the village. Springtime is here.

This weeks tasting is ending today with the visit of many journalists and wine critics.

I had the pleasure to hear from a wine critic that: “I regret for having waiting 15 years to discover that Vlandraud is not the concentration monster I thought it is was”. His noticible emotion led me to invite him to taste older vintages of Valandraud than 2006; his friends and himself drank with pleasure. Nice moment to share during the stress of these tastings.

And in the latest issue of “Cuisine et Vins de France”, a nice comment on Présidial: “Présidial carries the notes of Merlot, the dominant varietal from the Libournais, with a fine fabric and freshness. The palate has aromas of undergrowth, spices, cacao and dark fruits. A fleshy wine made for roasted veal kidneys.” And the best note of the wines listed: 16/20.

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