Sunday, April 8, 2007


Thursday, April 5

Since Monday, we could already draw up a positive assessment from this campaign. The number of visits to Rue Vergnaud were quite good, with a good number of Americans and a friendly atmosphere which gave exhibitors a good feeling.

As for my wines Bad Boy, La Dominique and Haut Carles did already received offers, which is rare at this stage of the campaign, not even begun.

Yesterday, April 4, in the Sud Ouest, the very popular local newspaper, an article was published on Mr. Clément Fayat receiving the medal of Commandeur de l’Ordre National du Mérite by Yvon Gattaz. The event was attended by illustrious guests and were also invited.

Equally, a very nice article about our off premise primeur event with a picture of Jean-Roger Calvet and Jacques Montagné who became famous in the Gironde as the representatives of the wines from the Roussillon and the vins de Pays des Côtes Catalanes.

The notes of Jean Marc Quarin are coming in little by little, a work of titan, and the ones from the Wine Spectator are already in the internet.

This morning, white frost, which was no problem for the vineyards, I hope… we all went to see the anti-frost towers in action.

Yesterday, dinner with caviar and Japanese Shochu, and we drank during the day Gracia 2004 and Clinet 1996 in magnum, as well as Tante Berthe 2001 (Burgundy), Petit Labrie, Blanc de Valandraud N° 1 2004 , Valandraud 1999 and 1996 in magnum, Arche Lafaurie 1999 and Yquem 1987.

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