Friday, February 2, 2007

Présidial weaves its web...

After spending two weeks in the USA, Xavier is back in the office and took this nice photo of Présidial 2003 by the beach… Thanks to Bruno and Kathy Barnagaud, owners of this nice restaurant « Chez André » feet in the water on the beaches of Hollywood, not California but near Boca Raton in Florida!

3 de Valandraud 2003 and Chapelle Ségur 2003 are now available in Florida, thanks to our new importer.

Equally, we have now new perspectives with new distributors in Georgia, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio.

Moving right along setting up our distribution in the land of our American cousins.

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jens at cincinnati wine said...

Sorry to miss you in Miami as I will be there for the South Beach Wine Festival on the 23rd. Good news about the Ohio distribution. I look forward to sampling a bottle soon.

jens at cincinnati wine warehouse