Monday, June 11, 2012

Valandraud blanc: Thank you Mister Fakorellis

These days, we often receive compliments and orders from restaurants for Virginie and Valandraud whites. This makes us happy and we are proud that our friend Athanasius Fakorellis has been helping us. In his youth, he worked as enologist in Burgundy with a few famous properties such as Lafont, Clerc, Sauzet, Moret, to name only famous whites.

Murielle and I are strongly influenced by great Burgundy whites and we think that we created, through our hard work, a synthesis between white Bordeaux and Burgundies. Some of the American or French critics love our white; others are totally allergic to it! It is certainly hard to please everyone, but for vines planted in 2000 I'm really proud of our achievement!

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