Thursday, June 14, 2012


The Spring Festival organized by the Hospitaliers de Pomerol and the Winegrowers' Association of Pomerol, held June 9, 2012 was a real success. The highlights were the parade of the members of Hospitaliers where I co-represented the Jurade de Saint Emilion and the Mass held in Pomerol’s Church with its nice priest and the mezzo soprano Sophie Pondjielis, whose sublime voice filled the church and her talent transported us, truly sublime.

Then, the induction of new members took place in Château La Croix, done with simplicity and the dinner hosted by Eric Le Collen, was put together by Jean Guy Humblot with the help of Michel Guerard.

Here is the menu. The wines highlighted are those served at our table, plus a few bottles served on other tables.

It was the first time that Clos du Beau Pere was served in this kind of event. I enjoyed La Fleur Pétrus 1998 and La Conseillante 2005; not difficult share the best with my friends in this convivial atmosphere, almost Burgundian!

It is true that the 1st information we received on the classification of St. Emilion is favorable to my friends, in fact, this Sunday, we continued with Compassant 2004, Clos Badon Thunevin 2008 (the 2006 will be served at the next meal of the Jurade Saint Emilion), Fleur Morange 2009 and especially a really great bottle, the last one I have, alas, Petrus 1982, which was simply a masterpiece, served blind - which I don’t recommend with rare and expensive wines. The cork which was impossible to take out, except in 1000 pieces, gave me cold sweats and despite the fight with this cork glued to the neck, the wine was simply grandiose. I must say that the bottle was kept in a very good cellar, and had only traveled for a short trip less than 10 km to end up in my cellar several years ago. Such important bottles are rare and opening this one meant that we received good news, which made this experience even more enjoyable.

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