Monday, July 4, 2011

Wine Advocate

The notes from the Wine Advocate do not concern only Bordeaux; the region covered in the latest issue is, among others, Spain with our friend Peter Sisseck who still gets high scores: 2009 Amelia 96-99, Flor de Pingus 2009 95-98 and Pingus 2009 97-100!
The Roussillon (and Languedoc) was also covered and received good notes and comments from David Schildknecht who favors wines reasonably priced and fresh, but who is not allergic to our wines (as the Revue du Vin France and its journalist). This does not prevent him to like different wines: modern, classic, old and young.

Note a nice 97 for Gauby’s La Muntada, and our wines from Thunevin-Calvet: Constance (the least expensive in our range, sold in the US at retail for $ 17) 2008 is rated 90, 2009 89 and 2010 90-91!

Dentelles 2008 received 92 and 2009 89-90 +, etc...

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