Wednesday, July 13, 2011

L'Amateur de Bordeaux

The 118 issue of "L’Amateur de Bordeaux", sold for 5.9 Euros, is a beautiful magazine, well written, covering different topics as well as comments on the 2010 futures from Bernard Burtschy, with a special recommendation for Valandraud Blanc.

This beautiful commentary can only make us want to do even better:
"If Valandraud red is particularly a success in this vintage, the white, with its pale robe, is more secretive. Murielle Thunevin's work displays a complex nose that exceeds, by far, the simplicity of the Sauvignon. The palate starts with a dense attack. The mid-palate is tight, long and the finish has an impressive complexity. A marvel born on the right bank of the Gironde, another nice surprise." 16.5/20

Also in this issue, a large and beautiful piece written by Jean Moses Baritberg on Saint Emilion and its quarries, caves and underground church.

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