Monday, May 5, 2008

Parker.... ("what else ?")

There it is. The notes from Parker for Bordeaux 2007 and 2005 are published for the whole world to see. In any case, at least for the wines Parker tasted and wanted to rate.
In fact, all the wines tasted by Parker (or by journalists, in general), have not been rated or commented. Some because he forgot, others waiting for a confirmation and lastly, because he felt they are of no interest for him or his readers, or even too bad or simply not presented.
I am disappointed about the 2005 vintage. I expected Parker to give “100 point” to more wines for this historical vintage: Only 2 wines received this note! (but 70 wines received more than 95).
In any case, we are far from Guigual’s record who received 100 19 times, or Chapoutier 13 times. Bordeaux is in the junior league… except Petrus (7 timesI should point out).

Other than that, I feel we should be happy with the notes for 2007 as they were not based on the value of the Dollar. Parker didn’t rate them as Suckling did! As for 2005, the notes for many good wines, not too expensive, were confirmed and this is positive.

I am disappointed, especially for my clients purchasing futures, about the notes given to La Dominique 2007, Haut Carles 2007 and 2005. I am happy for Fleur Cardinale 2007 and 2005, Haut Mazeris 2007 and 2005, Marojallia 2007 and 2005 and I am especially for the garagist – even the ones who only accept being called that when it is good for them or when Parker rates them (well).
The ratings for 2005 will help move some cases, as for 2007, I will wait and see. I am not so sure that in this case, the strength of the brand as well as the price be good values to get sales. Even if Parker sets the tone for this subject (for setting the price or notoriety of the brand).
We already sold a few cases of Sauterns and Vins Despagne (Mont Perat, etc…).

A little point to ponder on: There are large differences between Neal Martin and Robert Parker on many wines.

Also, on Mar Squires Bulletin Board, the notes for 2005 are commented more than 1000 times and have been viewed more than 63,000 times!
If one ads all the sites dedicated to wine, blogs and the industry, Parker certainly reaches a great number of people.

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