Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back to fundamentals

Yesterday, I did a phone interview with a journalist for Agence France Presse (A.F.P.) to talk about the 2007 futures campaign.

Hard to say that it is easy, but who would have thought? At the same time, it is hard to identify a specific problem.
Probably prices, but I believe it is not the only problem: Timing? Is it the right time to release a wine?
Payment terms are probably one of the touchy points. Properties could revised terms in order to help financially wine-merchants and their customers. Especially as this is not a speculative vintage. Marketplace, follow-through, distribution are the proper words in the current context.

Talbot, Giscours, which we distribute, are selling well as well as Beychevelle, according to my colleagues.

Back to fundamentals, to 100 brands, or 100 families, but this is another story.

A journalist from the Wall Street Journal asked me if vines were pulled and replaced by wheat or corn, which have seen their prices soar, like every raw material.
The price of wine won’t be soaring this year, maybe next year! (we still have some leftover from 2005).

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