Thursday, May 29, 2008

Good and bad

I read a comment on Bisrepetita on a wine that I also felt was right. I was disappointed though by this wine in 2001.
Too evolved? Drank too cold ? Drank alone?

I won’t stop repeating over and over that the atmosphere, the moment, the state of mind, our brain (yes), the entire environment around are as important as the quality of the wine (sad and tough reality to swallow for certain moral zealots ;-).

I learned by reading the price list of a colleague, that Nicolas T. is also owner of Chateau X (famous Bordeaux wine). From this perspective, I feel obliged to specify that I am only the manager of the Vignobles Fayat. Let’s not confuse this – even if the same price list was listing our wines. I am also co-owner with Clément Fayat of a property, so as T. and L. or L.C. who is also the co-owner of this famous Grand Cru.

This reminds me the time when selling the wine of a friend, I barely was allowed to say that he was the co-owner of a famous cru… Retailers who have to sell a wine, can often do with approximations.

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