Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Valandraud 2005

Today, my employees bottled Valandraud 2005 with our own equipment. Our bottling material is quite efficient: it cleans the empty bottles and creates a vacuum. The rhythm is paced to allow enough time for the natural corks to contract before laying the bottles. Following, the bottles are stored without labels which will be stickered after the harvest on time for deliveries before the end of the year.

The wine, which I was able to taste with a few attractive American tourists and our new Irish client, was certainly one of the best wines I made since I started, and still I produced the 1995 and 1998 which are now considered in the top 10 best Bordeaux (at least according the Grand Jury Européen).
What will the journalists, our clients and especially Parker say? That’s another story.

Murielle started deleafing the North side of our entire vineyard, as recommended by our oenologue. Let’s hope that we will not make to much damage and burns… this would be a shame.

We closed our cellar for 3 days to make a status of our inventory for our 2006/2007 statement of accounts.

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