Thursday, August 16, 2007

Regarding our kosher cuvee…

Jancis Robinson's note on Valandraud kosher

Kosher wine

Wine is kosher, and therefore acceptable to religious Jews, if it follows rabbinical law according to who has handled it as it was made. For years kosher wine was pretty dire, mainly sweet, red and oxidized because so often poured from half-empty bottles (few people would drink it for pleasure). Since the 1980s however a number of kosher wines that are every bit as good as non-kosher wines have emerged, not all of them
Israeli. The very expensive Ch Valandraud of St-Emilion for example makes a kosher cuvée which I sometimes prefer to their regular one in my annual en primeur tastings (see Bordeaux 2004 notes for example).

Ch Valandraud, cacher/kosher cuvée 2004 St Emilion Grand Cru 17- Drink 2014-20Deep, luminous purple. Lively with some fruit and real zip and fruit. Quite a silky texture rather than real, fruity concentration. A bit hollow. Not glorious. Needs more in the middle but it’s much more forward and charming than the regular cuvée at this stage. find this wine

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