Monday, August 13, 2007

A few numbers...

Many of you are visiting our French site to read my comments. Thank you !

For our first month of existence (I started this blog on May 10 2005), there was 675 visits and 2493 pages read. This number doubled the next month with 1370 visits with 4052 pages read.

In 2006, we regularly passed the 8000 visitors per month…

This year in 2007, we passed 12000 visitors per month… with sometimes more than 5000 pages read in a day!

Here are the complete figures since the beginning… 201446 visitors and 770868 pages read!

As for the English version, since it’s creation November 30 2006, the first month over 300 people visited the blog and 554 pages read. Last month, we were shy of 700 with 1079 pages read. Overall, since the beginning, we received 5043 visits, reading 8240 pages. 67% were new visitors. As per the top 10 countries:
US with 35%, France 18%, UK 9%, then Canada, Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, Germany, Spain and Australia. While we are still far from the French numbers, we are definitely growing. Will we reach the same numbers? All depends on internet wine enthusiasts!...

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