Friday, November 9, 2012

It's the journey...

Everyone is hard at work in the vat-rooms what with the écoulage and the pressing of our wines happening in three different rooms at the same time. We had a meeting at the local townhall to discuss our Saint Emilion vat-rooms, the current regulations and ecology.

I have quite a bit of travelling ahead of me: Munich in Germany to promote Bad Boy at our friend Geisel's. Then I'm off to England in order to present our wines at one of the best wine distributers with Catherine. Back home to Saint Emilion to leave almost immediately for China with stops in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing for the RVF Show. Coming back through Paris for an important meeting with Murielle and Gilles and then we're back home for the 27th. Then for 30th November and 1st December it's back up to Paris, to the Louvre for Bettane and Desseauve's Grand Tasting and a presentation at the HEC Paris Wine Club.

Barak Obama has been reelected. There are elections in China. French literary prizes including the 2012 Goncourt awarded to Jérôme Ferrari. I hope that the Goncourt members drank one of our wines during their traditional meal at Drouhant!

And last but by no means least, the latest Saint Emilion classment has been validated by the ministries so Chateau Valandraud is now officially 1er Grand Cru Classé! Long live Saint Emilion !

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