Friday, November 2, 2012

Axelle de Valandraud

The first vintage was in 2000 to celebrate the birth of our little Axelle Thunevin, with four grape varieties, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec which make up the blend of Valandraud.

The second vintage of this selection, made in 2010, was made up of grapes set aside by Michel Rolland from the blend of Chateau Valandraud and so is very very close to the excellent level of Valandraud 2010. Axelle de Valandraud from then on would be produced through the blending of different plots making up 1.5 hectacres (Rocheyron and Fongaban) set aside by INAO from the classification of Valandraud as a first growth.
We could have called it the Interdit de Valandraud but now is not the time to complain, rather the right time to prove that the wines from these particular plots also have their place in Valandraud 1st Grand Cru Classé!!

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Anonymous said...

M Thunevin - so happy to learn this wine is being produced again. I was very fortunate to obtain 2 bottles of the 2000 vintage, one of which, coincidentally, I drank with my employees just three days ago! The wine is still holding up beautifully, with good acid and soft tannins supporting dried cherry fruit, cedar, and lead pencil notes. I admit I will save my next bottle for a VERY special occasion - merci!