Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A day for football/soccer

Hurrah for football/soccer! Montpellier finished on top of the French Championship; it’s like David winning over Goliath – and Bordeaux is qualified for the European Cup. These are welcome miracles for our wine regions and their respective presidents.

The Futures campaign should be completed before next week’s Vinexpo, although nothing prevents any chateaux to be released during and after, hoping for an improvement with the economic environment, an optimistic view of the market and the Euro. But I fear that unemployment will only worsen in the coming days, having previously been shielded for “political” reasons.

I just did a quick trip to London invited by the Claret Club for a meal at the restaurant Club Gascon (1 Michelin star). Quality atmosphere, the members of the Claret Club love wine, and you can feel it immediately. In addition, the cuisine was excellent. Chef Pascal Aussignac was able to create 120 jobs and 8 restaurants within a few years!

Hurrah for London, with its 400,000 French expats, almost all of them young and enterprising and who are responsible for a good part to these successes!

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