Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Visit at 11 am by a group of 16 Japanese, always happy to visit the garage of the “Cinderella Wine” and to taste Virginie de Valandraud 2006 and Valandraud 2006 which are tasting better and better.
Following, I hurried up home to greet another group for lunch, a total of 7 persons. We drank with our meal:
Compassant 2004 (selected for a specific pairing)
Domaine Virginie Thunevin 2006
3 De Valandraud 2009 (soft)
Domaine Fayat-Thunevin 2007 Lalande de Pomerol
Clos Badon Thunevin 2006
Château Bellevue de Tayac 2004
Bad Boy 2009
The dish of the day: soup from a Pot-au-Feu, rabbit with shallot and sautéed potatoes, Macaroon and rice pudding.
Back to L’Essentiel where a journalist tasted Clos du beau Père 2009 very good, what a vintage! Then Virginie de Valandraud 2010 and Valandraud 2010, both still aging in the barrel: their power has still not been tamed.

I recommend to read this comment (in French) on the price of Lafite, which dropped by 45%, this due to the large number of fakes available.

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