Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jacques Dupont

François Des Ligneris asked me if I had read Jacques Dupont’s book “Le Guide des Vins de Bordeaux”, published by Grasset which I didn’t, that this book does not interest me and that was not on the same wavelength as Jacques Dupont Even if I recognize his talent, he is not a fan of Valandraud and the “Garagist” movement.

Only fools never change their minds.

The other day, when I went to Saint Emilion’s bookstore for the signing of the book on Saint Emilion by Philippe Dufresnoy (Feret Editions), I picked up a copy of Jacques Dupont's book sitting on the shelf... I read the chapter concerning me and was – pleasantly – surprised by the portrait he wrote of me and Valandraud, humorous, smart, sarcastic, well informed and even almost speaking highly about our history, Murielle and my friends. The only problem is he does not like the “garagists”, concentrated wines and boring wines. Maybe we're not so different for, like me, he loves people and stories.

Well… I owe you a thousand excuses Mr. Jacques Dupont, I had taken at face value the words of your friends as well as some of mine who, sometimes, say stupid things
To be forgiven, or try, I will submit my wines to be reviewed. Well, too bad for him!

In his guide, every wine has a small presentation as well as notes already published in the magazine Le Point. The interesting part of this book as the portraits he wrote and which are a bit similar to Bernard Ginestet’s books on Bordeaux.

Here’s a small excerpt from his closing paragraph on Valandraud:
“Should he be included in a future classification, if it still exists, among the classified growths? Of course he should. Great wines are born of similar stories. In the nineteenth century, Ducasse grabbed a piece of Figeac which had fallen very low and that nobody wanted, but if it would have been Thunevin, it would have become Cheval Blanc.”

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