Friday, June 3, 2011

Gault et Millau

In the June / July 2011 issue, a supplement was included with tasting notes of 2010 Bordeaux, written by Pierre Guigui, Hélène Durand and Florence Varaine, as well as articles written by Patricia Alexandre.

This time I also included comments, instead of just the ratings, as they make you want to drink the wines.

Clos du Beau Père 2010: "Crème de Cassis lifted by essences of violet on a well-balanced wine. Intensely gratifying. "16.5/20

Chateau Valandraud 2010: "Rare density and firmness could define this little jewel but also minerality, melted tannins, or candied fruit and delight; in other words, delicious.”18.5/20

Château Sansonnet 2010: "This is the rebirth of a beautiful terroir highlighted with splendor by the beautiful richness of this vintage. The barrel is noticeable but will blend in a generous mass and luscious fruit. "17/20

Virginie de Valandraud 2010 17/20

Clos Badon 2010 17/20

Chateau Fleur Cardinale 2010 (listed with the Grands Crus!): "This wine has great tension with ample ripeness, but not too much! The ensemble is sleek with a touch of sensuality brought by expressive fruit. A velvet touch! "17.5/20

Chateau Bellevue de Tayac 2010: "A real delicacy with notes of praline, but also roses, the mouth has bold tannins and a lovely richness spicy and soft fruit.”16/20

Château Tour des Termes 2010 Cru Bourgeois 16/20

Domaine des Sabines 2010 15.5/20

Fleur Carrère 2010 15/20

Bad Boy/Mauvais Garçon 2010: "Bordeaux, you said Bordeaux? This is actually a demoded cuvee with a powerful frame, characteristic of terroir. Brilliant success with a touch of cashew and licorice with delightful fruit. "16.5/20

Virginie de Valandraud Blanc 2010: "Definitely soft, and pleasant, a floral delight and a major achievement for maximum pleasure” 16/20

The releases of futures continues Fombrauge, Clémentin du Pape Clément, Clos Romanile, Vray Croix de Gay, The Prieuré, Siaurac ...

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