Thursday, April 21, 2011

Waiting for the notes from the Boss

Fleur Cardinale – Troplong Mondot –Valandraud by Jeff Leve !

On Mark Squire’s BB, Fleur Cardinale was given 93-95 by Jeff Leve and approved by Parker!

On Jeff Leve’s site Wine Cellar Insider , there is a nice picture of Florence hidden behind Dominique, the 2010 vintage is compared to the superb 2005. It will make them happy while they are travelling through Asia.
Troplong Mondot, with Jeff Leve’s 97-98, which, for him, seems to be one of the best Troplong Mondot produced, same for Valandraud with 96-98 and a nice picture of Murielle drinking our white.

It is clear that 2010 is a great vintage, different from any other considering what nature was able to provide: balance between acidity, amazing freshness, ripeness and major concentration, all with high levels of alcohol and yet little problem for the overall balance of the wine.

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