Friday, April 8, 2011

Long live the Americans

We are seeing more Americans visitors and had a busy afternoon, southern cooking for lunch created a good atmosphere.
Additional good ratings from the Wine Spectator; this time for Bordeaux “petits chateaux” like our Mauvais Graçon- Bad Boy : 88-91, Lafont-Fourcat 88-91 but also second picks from Jean Marc Quarin, Cour D'Argent 87-90, Marjosse 87-90, Présidial 87-90, Domaine Virginie Thunevin in Bordeaux 87-90, and the superb 86-89 for both Bellevue La Randée and Subilaux.

Thierry Desseauve has also given a special selection for Valandraud blanc. We’ve seen worst days! Considering such visitors like Jancis, Jane, Mario, Peter, Thierry, Georg... as well as Russians, English, etc....

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Kathy said...

Hi Jean-Luc,

Was great to talk to you on Wednesday about the American market.

Here are Saint-Emilion ratings by Roger Voss, Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

Bordeaux En Primeurs daily ratings were posted at end of each day.

Bon week-end