Thursday, January 30, 2014

Influences... (part two)

Part two because after my desire to create a UGC Sud de France, my implication for the first time (as far as I am aware) in a film which came out in French cinemas on the 22nd January where Valandraud 2009 plays a part in the scenario, I had the pleasure to watch this great film with its splendid actors and I keep a close eye on the film's Facebook page to see what is being said, what is happening and I read and watch all the hard work these guys are doing even after the film has been produced. It has to be said that they are really putting their backs into it.

 I can't help but see the similarities with our own work. It is one thing to make a wine, even if it is Valandraud, one must follow up and provide a service before and after selling it. It's a secret for no one in the small world of wine, that the success of Lynch Bages, Haut Marabuzet, Figeac, Angélus and so many others that are reknowned today owe their notoriety to the hard work undertaken by those who are in charge, as well as the quality of the wine of course.

So the subject of influence. Have I, through my blog, twitter and Facebook accounts, influenced any of my 'friends' to go and see this film, knowing that in a few months it will be broadcast on the major French TV channels?
How many out of the 5000/10000 people that read my comments and tweets are French, and how many have seen the film? I've had only three friends write to tell me that they've seen it, and enjoyed it. So there it is; three people!.. That's not a lot!

How many TV and radio programs, newspapers and magasines, and blogs have or are going to talk about this film? It probably adds up to millions of French people hearing this information. How many of them will go and see the film? How do we measure the influence of the media against good old fashioned word of mouth: the best way to influence someone?

Tuesday 28/01/2014

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