Saturday, December 14, 2013

The flap of a butterfly's wings...

The small amount of wine produced in Bordeaux in 2013 has caused a rise in the price of 'small wines', bulk wines sold in once put in the bottle by the Bordeaux wine merchants.

The rise, which has almost reached 30%, is also taking place in a difficult climate: the French economy is at it's lowest ebb, exporting is difficult due to the strong euro and this added to the fact that the 2013 vintage in Bordeaux, to put it lightly, doesn't benefit from having a favorable reputation.

Of course this has an impact on my buying, follow ups, and exclusivities. Luckily I have the advantage of having considerable stocks of previous vintages.

For the more expensive wines, we shall see what will happen in March with the Primeurs but for the moment for our wine in stock we are not really looking at any rises but stagnation, blockage and falls, apart from a few exceptions... :(

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