Friday, October 26, 2012


A priority area for our company at the moment is wines in restaurants, for both the publicity and the image that we gain but also for turnover. 

Already a lot of work has been done in this sector in Saint Emilion. Of course one might say that there are a few restaurants in the medival town and in the local area ! This offers a large choice of places, ambiences, different foods and different prices.

Of course there are the restaurants that can’t be missed like Plaisance with it’s 2 stars, the Envers du Décor or La Cadène. There are also the restaurants which have marked my past : Le Clocher, Le Clos du Roy and most of all Le Tertre where my Saint Emilion story began !

Although nowadays I prefer to eat at home with Murielle who, unfortunately for her, often has to do the cooking.

Among the restaurants which honour me by purchasing my wines are the Michelin Stars of Paris but restaurants from all over the world, Toyko, New York and Moscow are important to the success of our company, of our wines. We also welcome bistrots !  

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